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Most women treat their vagina like a plastic sex toy.

Even though we've been taught how to wash, clean, care for our vagina and our cycle from an early age... most of the habits we learned, are wrong. For example...

Should you use sprays, douches? NO! I'll explain why later. 99% of women have never been taught how to exfoliate their vagina. So it never *really* gets clean the correct way. The high-class way. And that's okay too.

This book empowers you to treat your vagina like the priceless treasure it is(in addition to showing you how to strengthen your vagina for sexual pleasure) and much more.

Get the full book or e-book to learn the other sex secrets, vagina care secrets and beauty secrets. Here's a quick preview:

HABIT #30: Value Your Vagina

You vagina is sacred. It's the source of all pleasure, and very often the source all pain. But most importantly, it is the source of life. Therefore, taking care of your vagina is an absolute must.

What I'm about to tell you may be contrary to what you've been taught; but if you give me an opportunity, I am certain you (and your lover) will be more satisfied with your vagina.

The reason you wash your vagina externally is to remove waste and germs.

Despite what you've been told, you should wash your vagina every time you take a shower. However, you absolutely should not wash your vagina using standard products.

Do not use sprays, scented soaps, douches, scented tampons, powders, or scented pads. And you should never EVER use soap in the inside of your vagina. Your vagina is the one part of your body that has a natural cleansing sys- tem that you should NEVER tamper with.

Your vagina has a natural internal cleansing pro- cess. When you try to interfere with the internal cleansing process (like by douching), you throw off your natural PH balance which can easily result in BV (bacterial vaginosis) or a yeast infection. If you would like, you can get some special soap made us- ing honey, glycerin and vinegar. Do a little research and see if you can find a soap maker in your city.

Here is the healthy, effective process for washing your vagina like a lady:

  1. Use unscented soap and only on the outside of your vagina. NEVER was the inside with soap.
  2. Use clean hands, not a towel or a rag.
  3. Wash your body first keeping your regular soap away from your vagina.
  4. Use your palm to wash the outside of your vagina, if you have pubic hair, lather it up well.
  5. Take your index finger and clean the inside of your lips, NOT the inside of your vagina.
  6. Rinse your entire vagina with warm water. Use a cup or extended nozzle to spray the water directly on your vagina. Never use a towel to rinse off the soap.

Thoroughly pat your vagina dry. And make sure the inside lips of your vagina are totally dry. Leaving moisture inside of your vagina can cause an infection.

Remember how we talked about the importance of exfoliating your body two to three times a week? (Woman Habit #23) The exfoliation process keeps layers of dead skin from accumulating on your body. In addition to normal exfoliation, you must also ex- foliate your vagina as well.

If you don't exfoliate your vagina, it becomes a breeding ground for infections, either from not washing it properly or not washing it enough, which is both unsanitary and uncomfortable.

You vagina also sheds skin just like the rest of your body. And over time it will begin to look like a tree bark of piled on dead skin. Which is not sexy... ot only is it ugly to look at; it's also an extreme turnoff for men as well.

Here are three simple steps to exfoliate your vagina:

1. Use sugar (It retains moisture.) Mix it with a little olive oil.
2. Scrub your outer lips in a gentle circular mo- tion (and only your outer lips) and between your legs for 30 seconds.
3. Rinse the sugar off. Wash your vagina as instructed above and dry off.

Shanel's Tips: Do squat cleaning. If you have the time and energy, after you pee, take a clean hand, lather it, and wash the outside of your vagina. Re- member the #1 vagina rule: nothing goes in your vagina except clean fingers, clean penises, clean toys, unscented tampons, or a doctor's instrument.


Many women simply clean their vagina with soap and water, but as you can see --- they've been doing it very, very wrong. But that's okay. This book (and the other 49 habits) are designed to help you take your womanhood to a whole new 5 star level.

Unlike any traditional book, these practical, proven steps skyrocket your sex appeal, beauty, added self-worth, added confidence, and incredible power as a goddess

Each habit reveal secrets, tips and techniques that help you transcend womanhood into being a powerful goddess. As you follow these habits, you will heighten your confindence and power.

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"I'm divorced, 39 with 3 kids, and haven't been on the dating scene in a while. I see some things I need to improve about myself as a woman. I've struggled with self-worth issues for a long time, but this gives me a good starting point for improvement."

~ Monica M

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